Artificial Intelligence


    • A leading financial institution with federal bank supervisory expectations concerning artificial intelligence and data governance.
    • A major international bank in a comprehensive AI risk assessment for their artificial intelligence programs.
    • A global fraud prevention platform in development a comprehensive artificial intelligence ethics and governance framework, including relevant policies and procedures, governing committees, trainings, board briefings, and AI tabletop exercises.
    • A major professional sports league with respect to legal implications of potential uses of facial recognition and other biometric technologies.
    • A major FinTech company on a broad range of artificial intelligence and data privacy issues concerning their use of machine learning and big data technologies, including related to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the DFS cybersecurity regulation.
    • Several leading insurers in developing artificial intelligence governance and compliance frameworks, including artificial intelligence risk assessments, bias testing, vendor oversight, board briefings, training of key stakeholders, and AI tabletops, among other activities.
    • The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association in submitting a public comment letter concerning the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s advance notice of proposed rulemaking on consumer access to financial records.
    • A leading private equity firm concerning reputational, regulatory, operational, and governance risks related to artificial intelligence.
    • Multiple clients in providing comments to draft state and federal legislation concerning artificial intelligence.
    • A global media company on intellectual property issues related to the license of archival media content for AI training and development.
    • A global online advertising platform in a federal regulatory inquiry concerning the use of machine learning algorithms.