London: A Day in the Life

Tatyana Loze, Trainee Solicitor

9:20 am: I walk to work and grab coffee on my way in. Once at my desk I check the
emails that have come in overnight and update my “TO DO” list accordingly. I’m
currently sitting in the Funds/Investment Management department which is one of
Debevoise’s most renowned teams. 

9:55 am: I print out some slides and head to the department’s 10am weekly meeting.
Today a couple of Finance associates are holding a training session on Fund financing.

11:30 am: I have been working on a first time fund which is looking to market
its fund in various jurisdictions, some of which require lengthy regulation
considerations. I get ready for our all-parties call and ensure that I’m aware of all the
developments of the past few days and current outstanding issues. After the call, my
supervisor and I review the action points that arose and I send a few follow up emails.

12:30 pm: I meet some of the trainees in the café for lunch. As there are only eight of
us, it is quite easy to get everyone together for lunch or after work drinks, although at
the moment two are seconded to the Moscow and Hong Kong office.

1:30 pm: Debevoise runs a three week business course in New York for its trainees
which I will be attending next week, as the afternoon email traffic hasn’t picked up
yet I go through a couple of chapters of the course’s pre reading materials.

2:45 pm: A client calls me regarding some documents which need to be amended
before the fund holds its first closing in a few days. I discuss the call with the
associate I’m working with, I incorporate the client’s comments, run them through
the associate for review before sending a revised drafts to the client for sign off.

6:30 pm: A client is coming in quickly to sign a suite of documents, I print out all the
documents and call reception to make sure that the meeting room is booked for 7pm.

7:15 pm: After checking my emails one final time I ensure my time recording is up to
date, as there is nothing else urgent for today I head out for drinks to catch up with
other trainees from my intake.