• An international NGO in its global litigation strategy regarding claims before UN human rights treaty monitoring bodies across multiple Latin American states.
    • The State of Qatar and Qatari entities and individuals in international claims arising out of the measures imposed by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt against Qatar, including in proceedings before the International Court of Justice against the United Arab Emirates, investment arbitrations and claims in other international tribunals.
    • The Center for Reproductive Rights in securing UN recommendations to overturn El Salvador’s criminalization of abortion.
    • Nova Group Investments in an ICSID claim against the Romanian Government under the Netherlands-Romania BIT relating to the expropriation of its Romanian assets.
    • MTN Dubai Limited (and its subsidiary, MTN Yemen) in ICSID arbitration proceedings against the Republic of Yemen.
    • Sabafon in an ad hoc arbitration under the UNCITRAL rules, against the Republic of Yemen.
    • A Middle Eastern telecommunications company in relation to rights and remedies under bilateral investment treaties in light of high profile regulatory investigations, and on multiple concurrent and potential commercial arbitrations.
    • A state-owned contractor in respect of a claim under an investment treaty against a Middle Eastern state, including on its ability to invoke an MFN provision to rely upon dispute resolution provisions of another treaty.
    • A Canadian extractives company in an ICSID (Additional Facility) arbitration against a Latin American State.
    • An international hydrocarbons company in an ICSID arbitration against Ecuador.
    • An international extractives company in an ICISD arbitration against a Latin American State.
    • A global financial institution in a contractual claim against a former joint venture partner.
    • A telecommunications company in an investor-State arbitration against a South-East Asian State.
    • A utilities company in a claim against a Caribbean State under a bilateral investment treaty.
    • An energy company on the intersection between double-tax treaty treatment and investor-State protection in relation to a South-East Asian State.
    • Secretary to the Tribunal on multiple contractual claims brought under the LCIA and ICC Rules.


  • New York University, LL.M.
  • Nottingham Law School, GDL
  • Nottingham Law School, L.P.C.
  • University of Cambridge, M.A.


  • French
  • Spanish