• An ASX100 company on cyber incident preparedness.
    • Certain former directors and shareholders of Purdue Pharma, regarding prescription opioid litigation in various fora across the country, including a federal multi-district litigation and actions brought by states attorneys general.
    • An asset manager in response to a cybersecurity incident, including associated legal and regulatory notifications in the United States, United Kingdom and other jurisdictions.
    • A global technology services company in response to a nation state cyber intrusion.
    • An insurance management services company in a post-acquisition sanctions and anti-corruption compliance review.
    • A multinational consumer goods company in an internal investigation into allegations of money laundering by authorities in a Middle Eastern country.
    • A large Spanish-based manufacturing company in a post-acquisition compliance integration project, involving review of global sales intermediaries in over 40 jurisdictions.
    • A Germany-based manufacturing company with compliance due diligence on its global partners.