Arbitration & International Disputes

The Debevoise International Arbitration Clause Handbook provides a standard framework for drafting arbitration clauses in international contracts to help reduce the possibility of disagreements regarding jurisdiction, provide greater clarity in enforcement, promote greater efficiency and preserve the business relationship between parties if a conflict arises. The Handbook suggests language, and underlying strategic considerations, for a range of special circumstances—including multi-party and multi-contract transactions, confidentiality, and state-owned counterparties—to allow the parties to tailor their arbitration clause to their specific commercial goals.

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The Debevoise Efficiency Protocol (2018) offers more than 25 specific practices to help streamline and focus arbitration proceedings, from the formation of the tribunal to the hearing and potential settlement. First published in 2010 and recognized as a benchmark in the field, the updated Debevoise Efficiency Protocol (2018) reflects the firm’s experience and evolving insights into how parties can take advantage of arbitration’s inherent flexibility, and thus control costs and duration, to achieve their strategic goals without compromising the fairness of the process.

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Protocolo de Eficiencia de Debevoise (2018)

The Debevoise Protocol to Promote Cybersecurity in International Arbitration was created to address the threat cyberattacks can pose to the integrity of the international arbitration process. Recognized by The Financial Times as a leading example of legal innovation, the Cybersecurity Protocol identifies specific procedures for establishing secure protocols for transfer of sensitive information at the outset of proceedings, limiting disclosure and use of sensitive information, and developing procedures for disclosing data breaches if they do happen.

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