Data Strategy & Security

Ethical Use of AI and the Emerging Legal Landscape

22 September 2022

Avi Gesser

Special Discussion with CT Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais on AI and Big Data

19 August 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser

NYDFS Draft Amendments to Part 500 Cybersecurity Rules

5 August 2022

Eric Dinallo, Luke Dembosky, Avi Gesser, Erez Liebermann, Charu Chandrasekhar

What the Recent California Bulletin Means for AI and Big Data Regulation

15 July 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Erez Liebermann, Anna Gressel

Episode 17: AI Oversight Obligations for Directors

24 May 2022

Avi Gesser, William D. Regner, Anna R. Gressel

Part III: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

20 May 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Marshal Bozzo, Anna Gressel

The SEC & Cybersecurity – Spring 2022 Update

19 April 2022

Avi Gesser, Kristin Snyder, Charu Chandrasekhar, HJ Brehmer

Episode 16: Artificial Intelligence - Vendor Contracting and Diligence

22 March 2022

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Tigist Kassahun

Cybersecurity for Not-for-Profit Organizations: Tips on Preparing for, and Responding to, Cyber Attacks

2 March 2022

Luke Dembosky, Suchita Brundage, Mengyi Xu

Part II: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

11 February 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Marshal Bozzo

Episode 15: Whistleblowers for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Issues – Tips for Preparation and Response

16 December 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Jyotin Hamid and Maeve O’Connor

Cybersecurity and the Insurance Industry

4 November 2021

Avi Gesser, Benjamin Lyon, Martha Hirst and Robert Maddox

Episode 14: Practical Tips on Managing AI Risks in the Insurance Sector - A Discussion with Alex Singla, Doug McElhaney and Liz Grennan of McKinsey

3 November 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Alex Singla, Doug McElhaney, Liz Grennan

Part I: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

8 October 2021

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Marshal Bozzo

Episode 13: The Future of Artificial Intelligence Regulation – A Recap of Recent Developments and What Companies Can Do Now to Prepare 

3 May 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel with guest speaker Stephen McDougall

Episode 12: Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Data - A Discussion with Kaitlin Asrow, Fintech Policy Advisor for Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

3 March 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Kaitlin Asrow

Episode 11: Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Insurance – A Discussion with Stefan Toi of Aon Cyber Solutions and Marcello Antonucci of Beazley on Navigating “AI Gaps” in Cyber Insurance Coverage 

6 January 2021

Avi Gesser, Keith Slattery, Anna Gressel, Marcello Antonucci, Stefan Toi

Supervising AI: The Role of Corporate Boards 

16 November 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Edward Stroz

Episode 10: Artificial Intelligence and the Insurance Sector- A Discussion with Jon Godfread, North Dakota Commissioner of Insurance and Chair of the NAIC Artificial Intelligence Working Group 

13 October 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Jon Godfread

Episode 9: Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Protection Risks - A Discussion with Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection 

6 August 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Andrew Smith

Episode 8: Artificial Intelligence Regulation in the Securities Industry - A Discussion with Haimera Workie of FINRA's Office of Financial Innovation 

23 July 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel

Episode 7 - Safeguarding Employees’ Credentials and Preventing Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data Stored in the Cloud and on Employees’ Personal Devices. 

7 July, 2020

Avi Gesser, Mengyi Xu, Luke Tenery, Joe Shepley

Episode 6: Ransomware 2.0 - A Discussion with Dave Wong of FireEye Mandiant on the Evolving Threat Landscape, Risk Mitigation Strategies, and Legal and Practical Considerations 

23 June 2020

Avi Gesser, HJ Brehmer

Episode 5: How to Demonstrate “Reasonable Cybersecurity Procedures” for Regulatory Inquiries and Litigation 

16 June 2020

Avi Gesser, Stephanie Cipolla

Returning to Work in the US: Key Employment Law Considerations 

5 June 2020

Alexander Cochran, Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Jyotin Hamid, Tricia Sherno

Episode 4: Emerging Cybersecurity Issues for PE Sponsors and Portfolio Companies 

21 May 2020

Luke Dembosky, Avi Gesser

Episode 3: Protecting Policyholder Data: Risks and lessons for insurers from the first weeks of work-from-home arrangements due to COVID-19 

8 May 2020

Luke Dembosky, Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser

Episode 2: Artificial Intelligence Regulation - A Discussion with Matthew Homer of the NYDFS on Reducing Risks Arising from AI Programs 

21 April 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Matthew Homer

Episode 1: Reducing Cybersecurity and Related Regulatory Risks Arising from Remote Working Arrangements 

1 April 2020

Luke Dembosky, Avi Gesser, Justin Herring

Are You Ready for CCPA?

19 November 2019

Jeremy Feigelson, Kate Saba, Warren Metlitzky


Life Under GDPR: A Breach Response Scenario

23 May 2017

Pierre Clermontel, Luke Dembosky, Jane Shvets, Anna V. Maximenko, Dr. Friedrich Popp