Data Strategy & Security

Episode 17: AI Oversight Obligations for Directors

24 May 2022

Avi Gesser, William D. Regner, Anna R. Gressel

Part III: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

20 May 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Marshal Bozzo, Anna Gressel

The SEC & Cybersecurity – Spring 2022 Update

19 April 2022

Avi Gesser, Kristin Snyder, Charu Chandrasekhar, HJ Brehmer

Episode 16: Artificial Intelligence - Vendor Contracting and Diligence

22 March 2022

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Tigist Kassahun

Cybersecurity for Not-for-Profit Organizations: Tips on Preparing for, and Responding to, Cyber Attacks

2 March 2022

Luke Dembosky, Suchita Brundage, Mengyi Xu

Part II: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

11 February 2022

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Marshal Bozzo

Episode 15: Whistleblowers for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Issues – Tips for Preparation and Response

16 December 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Jyotin Hamid and Maeve O’Connor

Cybersecurity and the Insurance Industry

4 November 2021

Avi Gesser, Benjamin Lyon, Martha Hirst and Robert Maddox

Episode 14: Practical Tips on Managing AI Risks in the Insurance Sector - A Discussion with Alex Singla, Doug McElhaney and Liz Grennan of McKinsey

3 November 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Alex Singla, Doug McElhaney, Liz Grennan

Part I: Artificial Intelligence and Discrimination in the Insurance Industry

8 October 2021

Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Marshal Bozzo

Episode 13: The Future of Artificial Intelligence Regulation – A Recap of Recent Developments and What Companies Can Do Now to Prepare 

3 May 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel with guest speaker Stephen McDougall

Episode 12: Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Data - A Discussion with Kaitlin Asrow, Fintech Policy Advisor for Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

3 March 2021

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Kaitlin Asrow

Episode 11: Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Insurance – A Discussion with Stefan Toi of Aon Cyber Solutions and Marcello Antonucci of Beazley on Navigating “AI Gaps” in Cyber Insurance Coverage 

6 January 2021

Avi Gesser, Keith Slattery, Anna Gressel, Marcello Antonucci, Stefan Toi

Supervising AI: The Role of Corporate Boards 

16 November 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Edward Stroz

Episode 10: Artificial Intelligence and the Insurance Sector- A Discussion with Jon Godfread, North Dakota Commissioner of Insurance and Chair of the NAIC Artificial Intelligence Working Group 

13 October 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Jon Godfread

Episode 9: Artificial Intelligence and Consumer Protection Risks - A Discussion with Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection 

6 August 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Andrew Smith

Episode 8: Artificial Intelligence Regulation in the Securities Industry - A Discussion with Haimera Workie of FINRA's Office of Financial Innovation 

23 July 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel

Episode 7 - Safeguarding Employees’ Credentials and Preventing Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data Stored in the Cloud and on Employees’ Personal Devices. 

7 July, 2020

Avi Gesser, Mengyi Xu, Luke Tenery, Joe Shepley

Episode 6: Ransomware 2.0 - A Discussion with Dave Wong of FireEye Mandiant on the Evolving Threat Landscape, Risk Mitigation Strategies, and Legal and Practical Considerations 

23 June 2020

Avi Gesser, HJ Brehmer

Episode 5: How to Demonstrate “Reasonable Cybersecurity Procedures” for Regulatory Inquiries and Litigation 

16 June 2020

Avi Gesser, Stephanie Cipolla

Returning to Work in the US: Key Employment Law Considerations 

5 June 2020

Alexander Cochran, Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser, Jyotin Hamid, Tricia Sherno

Episode 4: Emerging Cybersecurity Issues for PE Sponsors and Portfolio Companies 

21 May 2020

Luke Dembosky, Avi Gesser

Episode 3: Protecting Policyholder Data: Risks and lessons for insurers from the first weeks of work-from-home arrangements due to COVID-19 

8 May 2020

Luke Dembosky, Eric Dinallo, Avi Gesser

Episode 2: Artificial Intelligence Regulation - A Discussion with Matthew Homer of the NYDFS on Reducing Risks Arising from AI Programs 

21 April 2020

Avi Gesser, Anna Gressel, Matthew Homer

Episode 1: Reducing Cybersecurity and Related Regulatory Risks Arising from Remote Working Arrangements 

1 April 2020

Luke Dembosky, Avi Gesser, Justin Herring

Are You Ready for CCPA?

19 November 2019

Jeremy Feigelson, Kate Saba, Warren Metlitzky


Life Under GDPR: A Breach Response Scenario

23 May 2017

Pierre Clermontel, Luke Dembosky, Jane Shvets, Anna V. Maximenko, Dr. Friedrich Popp