Affinity Groups

Debevoise has encouraged the formation of formal affinity groups to strengthen the support systems and sense of community among different groups and increase the substantive training opportunities for associates of diverse backgrounds:

Asian Lawyers Affinity Group ▪ Black Lawyers Affinity Group ▪ First Generation Professionals Affinity Group ▪ International Lawyers Affinity Group ▪ Jewish Lawyers Affinity Group ▪ Latin@ Affinity Group ▪ Lawyers with Disabilities Affinity Group ▪ LGBTQ+ Affinity Group ▪ Muslim Lawyers Affinity Group ▪ Native American Affinity Group ▪ Women’s Resource Group

Our affinity groups and their programs not only provide opportunities for members of each group to learn how to successfully develop and grow at the firm, but also facilitate the creation of informal relationships across groups that last throughout lawyers' careers.

The summer associate experience is enriched through the involvement of our Affinity Groups, who host a variety of programs and whose members act as informal advisors for summer associates of diverse backgrounds.