Career Path

Partnership Consideration


Debevoise provides significant opportunities for associates to become partners. When promoting associates to new partners, we look for experience showcasing their dedication to quality, collaboration and adherence to the highest professional and client standards. They must also possess the ability to lead and work well within a team, and demonstrate the potential for continued growth as lawyers and colleagues. An associate is generally first considered for partnership approximately eight years after graduation from law school. Each associate's candidacy is discussed first by the department in which they have worked, and then may be considered by the full partnership.


Counsel Program


Our counsel program has been developed to offer a long-term, alternative career path for experienced lawyers who are highly proficient in their particular field. A number of senior associates have been promoted to Counsel or International Counsel status. We have more than 75 senior lawyers in our counsel program.


Experiencing Other Debevoise Locations


There are opportunities for interested associates to work in another Debevoise office at some point in their careers. In addition, associates based in New York often have the opportunity to spend shorter periods of time, typically two to four months, at an office abroad or be seconded to law firms or clients in the U.S. and overseas with whom we have long-standing relationships. Click here to learn more about our other offices.


Part-Time and Flex-Time Opportunities


Debevoise recognizes that lawyers may choose to work a non-traditional schedule at some point in their careers. Experienced lawyers may arrange, subject to the needs of the firm, to work on a part-time or flex-time basis.  


The firm also ensures that lawyers working non-traditional schedules remain eligible for promotion to partner. We understand that flexibility is the foundation of a successful part-time program. The firm’s Professional Development Group works with part-time lawyers to design an arrangement that meets each person’s needs. All associates at Debevoise, including part-time lawyers, are considered “on track” with respect to opportunities for promotion and their department determines when they are ready for consideration.