Training Contracts Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer work experience?
In London, the firm runs two-week summer vacation schemes for undergraduate students who are studying law or non-law degrees at UK universities. The firm does not generally offer any form of work experience outside the summer vacation scheme. For more information on the summer vacation scheme, including when and how to apply, please see the vacation scheme section of the website.

Do I need to complete a vacation scheme before applying for a training contract?
Whilst not mandatory, the firm does give preference to candidates who have completed the vacation scheme. As such, you are encouraged to apply for a place on the summer scheme rather than applying directly for a training contract.

Do I have to complete an online application form or can I submit a CV and cover letter?
The firm will only consider applications that have been submitted through the online application form.

Do you accept applications from candidates who need a work permit?
Yes, but any offer will depend on the firm successfully obtaining a work permit for you. If you are successful in securing a training contract, Debevoise will offer assistance to obtain the necessary work permits and visas. You will have to provide all of the information and documentation required (e.g. proof of academic and professional qualifications, current CV and valid passport). Please note that the firm cannot be held responsible for any restrictions imposed by the UK Border Agency.

Can I train to be a solicitor in England & Wales with a law degree from overseas?
You will be required to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and then the Legal Practice Course (LPC) before you are able to start your training contract. The requirements are different if your undergraduate law degree was obtained from a common law jurisdiction (e.g. Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa) and you may be able to complete the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). Please check these requirements with the SRA. 

I am unsuccessful after my interview; can I re-apply in the future?
You may reapply but candidates who have been interviewed before, and not been offered a training contract, are unlikely to be successful in a subsequent application.

Do you have a preferred institution for the GDL and LPC?
The firm’s preference is for future trainees to study at BPP Law School but it is not a requirement.

If I have already started the GDL or LPC, will I be reimbursed for my fees?
If you have recently started the course then the firm will fully reimburse your fees. However, if you have completed or substantially completed the course prior to accepting our offer, the firm will not reimburse your fees.

Can I start my training contract earlier than the advertised intake?
Whilst Debevoise cannot guarantee you a position earlier than advertised, the firm does occasionally have positions available sooner.

How many trainees are kept on at qualification?
London retention rates are consistently high and most trainees are offered and accept associate roles with us.