Due Diligence on Poland – Managing Compliance and Enforcement Risks for Polish Business

Tuesday, 8 December 2020
3:00 – 4:00pm CET | 2.00 – 3.00pm GMT

Location: Webinar

Poland is the EU‘s 5th most populous member state and its 7th largest economy. Until this year, the Polish economy had grown continuously for 30 years, recently at one of the highest rates in the EU, powered not least by solid consumer spending. An attractive place to invest and do business, Poland nevertheless presents a number of compliance challenges, particularly for the foreign investor.

Please join us for a webinar where lawyers, and compliance experts from Raczkowski and Debevoise will be joined by Dominika Stępińska-Duch, Head of Legal at TVN Discovery Group to discuss topics such as:

  • Governance challenges arising out of Polish company law.
  • Pitfalls of the Polish corporate and individual liability regimes.
  • The Polish enforcement landscape and the impact of rule of law concerns for investors.

To register, please email londonevents@debevoise.com