The Private Equity Report

Fall 2011
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  • Del Monte: Staple Remover?
  • Covering the Capital Structure: The Seller Note
  • Guest Column: Trends in Private Equity in Africa—Increased Commitments and Integration of (ESG) Factors in 2012
  • Brick by Brick: A Primer for Due Diligence in Each BRIC Country, Continuing with Brazil
  • What Are the Options? Bank Investment in Unaffiliated Private Equity and Hedge Funds Under the Volcker Rule
  • Buyer Beware (Delaware Law Edition): Sometimes “Substantially All” Isn’t All That Much
  • Discount Shopping: Making the Most Out of Distressed Asset Sales
  • Buyer Beware (Employee Edition): Employee Benefit Covenants Could Have Unintended Consequences on ERISA Plans