Regulatory Priorities for FinTech Firms—and Investors—in the Coming Year

March/April 2016
Journal of Taxation and Regulation of Financial Institutions
“FinTech” and “disruption” are surely the buzzwords in financial services for 2016. As financial technology companies proceed to revolutionize the way we bank, borrow, pay, trade, and invest, they should remember that regulators are watching and learning, intent on discharging their multi-faceted mandates. Whether a FinTech company provides financial services to customers directly or assists others in doing so, certain key issues will be priorities for regulators in the coming year. Investors in FinTech also should understand these regulatory hot buttons when considering new investments or evaluating existing holdings. The future may hold really cool prospects for change and innovation, but regulators will seek to ensure that all of it happens under their watchful eye. The authors highlight key regulatory issues for FinTech firms to watch.