Burford Capital Blog: Q&A: An Interview With David W. Rivkin

15 May 2018

In a recent Q&A with Burford Capital, David W. Rivkin, Co-Chair of the firm’s International Dispute Resolution Group, discussed the rapidly growing field of legal finance and its expansion into international arbitration. “The world of legal finance is still a work in progress. As the industry reaches maturity, this will shape not only future conversations with clients but also fee structuring at law firms,” explained Mr. Rivkin. “For example, legal finance is no longer used solely as a necessity, but also as a tool of choice.”

Weighing in on some of the most pressing, current matters regarding legal finance, Mr. Rivkin offered detailed insight into topics such as the use of outside financing in international arbitration and whether outside funding sources should be a factor in considering security for costs applications. Despite varying perceptions of legal finance, Mr. Rivkin concludes it can be beneficial: “I remain of the view that, for the right case, appropriately structured finance can be a great benefit to the client, the funder and the law firm involved.”

Q&A: An Interview With David W. Rivkin
May 15, 2018