International Refugee Assistance Project Alumni Spotlight: Joshua Pickar

27 November 2018

Debevoise associate Joshua B. Pickar has been recognized by the International Refugee Assistance Program (IRAP) for his commitment to refugee advocacy. In a spotlight interview published by IRAP, Mr. Pickar discusses how his time with the organization inspired him to continue working on pro bono matters related to immigration.

“My work at IRAP has pushed me to seek out further opportunities to advocate on behalf of refugees,” said Mr. Pickard. “As a summer associate for Debevoise, I was able to work on two asylum cases. Currently I am fortunate to be working on a case at the intersection of immigration and criminal law.”

With immigration brought to the forefront of American politics, Mr. Pickar notes he is more eager than ever to work towards positive change for refugees and stateless people at home and abroad. “Going forward, I hope to have more opportunities to work on public interest cases in the immigration space,” he concluded.

International Refugree Assistance Project Alumni Spotlight: Joshua Pickar
November 27, 2018