Rave Review of Keller & Cunard’s “Copyright Law: A Practitioner’s Guide” Calls Book “Wickedly Exquisite”

10 June 2015

Copyright Law: A Practitioner’s Guide” (second edition), written by Debevoise & Plimpton partners Bruce P. Keller and Jeffrey P. Cunard, is the subject of a lengthy and unique review by Ronald D. Coleman, partner at Archer & Greiner PC. Coleman describes the book, as among other things, “comprehensive, detailed, well-sourced, well-written,” “utterly up-to-date” and “balanced,” in large part because the single-volume acknowledges “that lawyers who read treatises represent not only plaintiffs but defendants.”

Coleman does not disguise that he has a point of view about lawyers who represent corporate copyright owners. He therefore makes several Lucifer-like analogies in his review, stating that while "it’s bad enough for us mortals that people like Keller and Cunard even exist…of course I’d buy this book — the extraordinary essence of these two lawyers’ phenomenal (you might even say supernatural) expertise and talent” is captured “in the form of a single-volume treatise forged in hell and available from PLI for only $395 and your soul…”

Continuing in this vein, Coleman describes the treatise as “so wickedly exquisite that you can see the Old Man’s very hoofprints on page 666 by the light of the moon.” He then notes the book’s “unforgivable excellence” and its “ easy-to-read, sometimes downright breezy prose that puts the reader right in the action.”

He also writes that “these guys drill, as you would expect, down – deep. They descend with you through the successive circles of copyright defenses with a thoroughness only obtainable…by outstanding practitioners who have sold their souls to Prince of Darkness.”

Coleman concludes that lawyers must “get the book. Or burn.” A link to the entire review is attached here.