• A substantial shareholder of a Hong Kong listed company in her misrepresentation claim to rescind transactions through which her shares in the listed company were transferred to a U.S. company.
    • A high net worth Dutch investor whose company was involved in a contractual claim against individuals and investment firms in Hong Kong arising from put option agreements which led to a judgment in its favour in excess of HKD115 million after a three week trial.
    • A high net worth individual and her companies in disputes with the other joint venture partners.
    • A number of multinational banks in their claims to recover losses arising from internet fraud.
    • A government contractor and two of its directors in environmental prosecutions in relation to a landfill operation in Hong Kong.
    • A number of Hong Kong-listed companies in investigations by the Securities and Futures Commission concerning suspected breach of disclosure obligations, insider trading and internal control failures.
    • A number of major investment firms in investigations by the Securities and Futures Commission and the Commercial Crime Bureau in relation to sponsor’s liabilities, internal control issues and false accounting matters.
    • A former management of an investment bank in his defence to proposed disciplinary action to be taken by the Securities and Futures Commission for alleged breach of the Code of Conduct and the alleged commission of offences under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.


  • University of Hong Kong, 1996, PCLL