• The State of Qatar and Qatari entities and individuals in international claims arising out of the measures imposed by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt against Qatar, including in proceedings before the International Court of Justice against the United Arab Emirates, investment arbitrations and claims in other international tribunals.
    • The terrorism trial of Omar Abdel Rahman (the “Blind Sheik”) and nine other defendants.
    • SR Int’l Bus. Ins. Co. v. World Trade Ctr. Props, LLC, addressing whether the two-plane attack on the World Trade Center constituted one or two “occurrences” for insurance purposes.
    • Antidote Int’l Films v. Motion Picture Assoc. of Am., addressing antitrust issues arising from the MPAA’s ban on the distribution of new movies to critics and awards groups.
    • Padilla v. Rumsfeld, addressing the detention of a citizen suspected of engaging in terrorism against the United States.
    • United States v. Lindauer, rejecting the government’s request to compel a defendant to take psychotropic drugs to render her competent to stand trial.
    • United States v. Cheng Chui Ping, where the defendant was charged with immigrant smuggling, money laundering and trafficking in kidnapping proceeds.
    • Udell v. New York News Inc., involving a libel claim by an attorney against New York News Inc.
    • United States v. Stirling, a stock fraud prosecution.
    • United States v. Carlin Communications, Inc., a criminal prosecution involving alleged interstate transportation of obscene materials.


  • Yale Law School, 1967, LL.B.
  • Columbia University, 1963, B.A.