• The terrorism trial of Omar Abdel Rahman (the “Blind Sheik”) and nine other defendants.
    • SR Int’l Bus. Ins. Co. v. World Trade Ctr. Props, LLC, addressing whether the two-plane attack on the World Trade Center constituted one or two “occurrences” for insurance purposes.
    • Antidote Int’l Films v. Motion Picture Assoc. of Am., addressing antitrust issues arising from the MPAA’s ban on the distribution of new movies to critics and awards groups.
    • Padilla v. Rumsfeld, addressing the detention of a citizen suspected of engaging in terrorism against the United States.
    • United States v. Lindauer, rejecting the government’s request to compel a defendant to take psychotropic drugs to render her competent to stand trial.
    • United States v. Cheng Chui Ping, where the defendant was charged with immigrant smuggling, money laundering and trafficking in kidnapping proceeds.
    • Udell v. New York News Inc., involving a libel claim by an attorney against New York News Inc.
    • United States v. Stirling, a stock fraud prosecution.
    • United States v. Carlin Communications, Inc., a criminal prosecution involving alleged interstate transportation of obscene materials.


  • Yale Law School, 1967, LL.B.
  • Columbia University, 1963, B.A.