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Debevoise’s alumni network has grown to nearly 3,000 individuals living and working around the world. Debevoise alumni, like Debevoise lawyers, are recognizable by their exceptional talent, commercial acumen and unflagging dedication. Their contributions, both while at the firm and in the time since, have made Debevoise the firm it is today.

The Debevoise Alumni Network

The Debevoise Alumni Network allows former Debevoise lawyers to connect with fellow alumni, tap into resources to support their careers, and take advantage of programming and events exclusive to our alumni.

Log in to the site to access the on-demand CLE webcast library, search the directory for fellow alums, check out the latest job postings, and more.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumna Natalia Cortez Burdette ('06/NY/Corp) returned to Debevoise as the featured speaker for the firm's Diversity Speaker Series luncheon hosted by the Latin@ Affinity Group. Natalia spoke with Debevoise partner and Diversity & Inclusion co-chair Michael Gillespie about how she found her footing at the firm, the importance of building mutual trust with your colleagues and her current role at Teach for America. Read more.

Life After Debevoise

Debevoise attracts people with wide-ranging ambitions, and we take great pride in the accomplishments of our alumni, who have used their Debevoise training and work experience as a springboard into enriching and rewarding careers. Debevoise alums are judges, GCs of Fortune 500 companies, law professors and entrepreneurs. They are also teachers, opera singers, sailors and chefs. Learn more about the career paths of Debevoise alumni here.