Energy & Natural Resources Arbitration

Debevoise’s leading Arbitration and International Dispute Resolution Group has strong expertise in the energy sector, with a depth of experience few other firms can match.

Debevoise has been active in international arbitration involving energy companies since the 1970s, when the firm represented two U.S. oil companies against the government of Libya resulting in a landmark award in the TOPCO case. In recent years, our team has won some of the largest awards ever issued in claims for breach of bilateral investment treaties (BITs). These include the first ever significant BIT related award, and the first BIT related award in excess of $1 billion.

The group is keenly aware and understands the varying strategies and risk appetites different clients have. That awareness and the team’s understanding of current trends in the energy sector enable it to represent a broad spectrum of clients – sovereign states, developers, public and private utilities, independent power producers, equity investors, monoline insurers, energy tech companies and lenders.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling all phases of the most complex, demanding and risky energy disputes, including consultation on arbitration clause drafting and dispute resolution strategies for complex projects; mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution; development of highly technical scientific and expert testimony; significant experience in sector specific accounting and finance; management of complex and demanding document exchange and review; conduct of extensive arbitration hearings and recourse to national courts, when necessary, with respect to enforcement of arbitration agreements, awards or provisional relief.

Debevoise has the advantage of highly skilled practitioners in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our lawyers are multilingual, culturally diverse and admitted to practice in a wide variety of jurisdictions. We work as a closely knit team, and have highly developed software programs and logistical assistance to coordinate complex proceedings in multiple jurisdictions while avoiding unnecessary travel and other costs. We have an extensive network of contacts with local lawyers and other experts in Asia, South America and Africa, as well as Europe and North America.