Proxy Contests

Whether proxy contests arise in hostile takeovers, M&A transactions contested by third parties, or shareholder activism, they demand intense engagement by the affected company and its counsel. Debevoise joins these battles with experienced, cross-disciplinary teams including M&A lawyers, securities lawyers, and, when appropriate, litigators. The firm has many years of experience in representing both targets and acquiring companies in unsolicited M&A transactions, companies seeking to intervene in announced friendly mergers, and companies involved in friendly transactions that are being contested by third companies, shareholder activists, or both. Debevoise has also regularly represented companies involved in proxy contests arising outside the M&A context, such as contested elections and shareholder proposals for action. In each of these situations, Debevoise lawyers emphasize creativity, effective communications with shareholders and other important constituencies, and the latest legal and tactical tools to maximize the possibility for a successful campaign.