Special Situations

The Debevoise Special Situations Group employs a highly coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to help clients navigate opportunistic investments and develop liquidity solutions in distressed and event-driven situations. Our dedicated team of partners hails from many of our firm’s top-ranked disciplines, including restructuring, private equity, finance, litigation, M&A, capital markets, insurance, investment funds, real estate and tax, among others.

Drawing upon our team-based approach, we have extensive experience advising on all angles of special situations transactions, including bespoke credit and equity investments; rescue and other complex financings; corporate governance structuring and litigation; and acquisition and monetization of alternative assets, such as insurance claims. We have experience in identifying investment opportunities that arise from a range of disputes and distressed situations, including investments in claims, awards, and judgments arising from bankruptcy, litigation, and arbitration. We also have extensive experience in examining capital structures and identifying attractive investment and liability management opportunities.

Our clients, ranging from investors evaluating opportunistic transactions to companies facing crisis events, look to us to find innovative solutions to complex problems that may arise throughout the lifecycle of an investment. Our creativity and collaborative approach render us uniquely effective in this arena where no two scenarios are alike and enable us to deliver the full spectrum of transactional and litigation capability.