Internal Investigations

Debevoise regularly represents boards of directors, board committees and corporations in conducting internal investigations into alleged wrongdoing and in responding to the results of such investigations. Debevoise’s team includes a formidable bench of seasoned investigations lawyers, with deep experience and expertise, who are well respected for their credibility, judgment and practicality. The team conducts investigations with full appreciation of the wider regulatory and enforcement context – anticipating and responding to the risks posed in today’s increasingly regulated market – particularly in circumstances of parallel government investigations.

Debevoise advises clients on their most sensitive and highly charged investigations, including headline-generating issues with potentially global reach, such as #MeToo-related issues, as well as smaller investigative matters that remain confidential. Debevoise’s investigations practice is particularly adept at creating tailored teams for tasks at hand, scaling its approach to match the size of any challenge and adjusting as an investigation progresses. Debevoise delivers advice in a commercial context, troubleshooting where necessary, and assisting clients to avoid future issues through appropriate remediation, including the development and implementation of risk-based compliance procedures.

Debevoise’s practice features a truly global team, with unparalleled strength across the U.S., Europe and Asia. This global platform is especially valuable to clients given the often multijurisdictional nature of the most vexing investigative matters.