Our Lawyer Stories

"Debevoise is the best place to practice corporate law in New York City. You get to work on challenging, high-profile and exciting matters with colleagues who take pride in client service and in training associates. I wanted to practice corporate law, but I wasn’t quite sure about the specific practice area. So I was drawn to the firm’s strong corporate practice and the rotation system, with its emphasis on training associates to be well-rounded lawyers. I was also drawn to the fact that it’s a team-oriented place. I’ve learned how important it is to understand your client’s business—something that’s ingrained in you from the beginning as an associate. It’s not enough to know the Delaware code. You need to know the transaction, your client’s business and the relevant law and be sophisticated in understanding how all three come together. As a summer associate, my first assignment was on an IPO, which involved sitting with a partner and drafting sections of the prospectus together. As a first-year, I worked on a bond offering for a client involving 100+ subsidiaries in approximately 20 jurisdictions. That included leading a call to walk the client through the process. It was a little scary at the time, but also very rewarding."