The Private Equity Report

Winter 2008
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  • Slip Out the Back or Make a New Plan?  A Look at Recently Renegotiated Private Equity Deals
  • Will the Next Downturn Be That Different?
  • Guest Column: Labor Unions and Private Equity in Germany—The Current State of Play
  • Are You a Forthright Negotiator?
  • Reform of the English Financial Assistance Regime
  • Guest Feature: Should Your Child Take a Job in Private Equity?
  • Alert: Euronext Launches New Private Equity Index
  • Loosening the Ties: Amendments to Rule 144 and Rule 145
  • Walker Report Stalls Treasury Regulation of UK Private Equity—But for How Long?
  • Alert: U.S. Supreme Court Significantly Restricts Secondary Actor Liability Under Section 10(b)
  • Life Insurance “Embedded Value” Transactions Present PE Firms with an Efficient Opportunity to Invest in Life Insurance Cash Flows