Presidium of the Higher Arbitrazh Court Summarizes Litigation Practice Involving Foreign Persons

4 October 2013
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On July 26, 2013 the Higher Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation (the “HAC”) posted Information Letter No. 158 dated July 9, 2013 on its website, adopting and recommending that lower courts apply the Digest of Case Law on Certain Matters Related to the Consideration by Arbitrazh Courts of Proceedings Involving Foreign Persons (the “Digest”). The Digest covers a wide range of topics arising in court cases involving foreign parties, including important issues relating to:

  • Jurisdiction of Russian arbitrazh courts to hear cases involving foreign parties;
  • Ascertainment of the legal status of foreign persons in Russian court proceedings;
  • Ascertainment and application of foreign law, and
  • Injunctive relief in cases involving foreign parties, including foreign anti-suit injunctions.