10 Things U.S. Litigators Should Know About Court Litigation in France

April 2017
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Over 25 years of representing U.S. companies in French civil and commercial litigation have taught us there is more than a language barrier between U.S. and French litigators. Handling cases in the U.S. and French courts are substantively different things, from how one should handle a pre-contentious situation, to how things go on appeal, and most things in between.

Against this background, the Debevoise Paris office has published a guide summarizing the discussions our group has had over the years with a number of clients, covering the subjects where U.S. litigators most frequently need guidance when considering civil or commercial litigation in French courts.

Debevoise’s transatlantic litigation team includes senior lawyers in New York, Paris and London qualified in both France and the U.S. We have deep experience advising international clients on litigation issues involving both jurisdictions, consistently delivering outstanding results for clients at every stage of a litigation.