No Divorce—A New Cross-Channel Relationship? The Implications for Business of the UK’s White Paper on Its Future Relationship with the European Union

18 July 2018
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Key takeaways:
  • The UK Government’s White Paper makes it clear that the Brexit it envisions will entail new partnerships with the EU.
  • The Government proposes an economic partnership based on free movement of goods and enhanced equivalence standards on services, and a security partnership based on coordinating operational capabilities, including with respect to data sharing.
  • Under the proposals the UK’s autonomy on trade would be restored. Free movement of people would end, but mobility and mutual recognition of professional qualifications would be sought in certain circumstances.
  • The jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice would end, but civil and judicial cooperation would continue in certain matters.
  • Given the number of new agreements and arrangements proposed, negotiations are likely to continue well into the transition period.