Civil Litigation Review: 2022

1 February 2023
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2022 has seen the English courts continue to respond to significant global events, not least the immediate impact Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had on legal proceedings and the ability of persons and entities to engage in litigation before the English courts. There have also been significant claims arising out of COVID-19 disruptions and developments in ESG and cryptocurrency litigation.

In addition to these matters, we are pleased to consider some of the key cases before the English courts over the course of 2022 in our annual review, including:

  • A discussion of the return of the anti-suit injunction in respect of claims brought in EU Member States;
  • Key developments in company law, particularly those impacting the duties owed by company directors;
  • Discussions of key contract and tort law cases such as those regarding exclusion and good faith clauses, plus developments in the Quincecare Duty;
  • A substantial explanation of the key procedural developments throughout 2022, including updates to various court guides and practice directions together with cases concerning the ambit of documentary disclosure and costs;
  • Important cases in respect of diplomatic privileges and immunities; and
  • Commentary on the Arbitration Act reforms.