• Bristol-Myers Squibb in defending against a $3.4 billion contract and tort claim by generic drug manufacturer Apotex, winning a unanimous jury verdict of no liability.
    • A major hospital corporation in civil and criminal matters arising out of the nationwide recall of an adulterated prescription medication.
    • Bechtel in personal injury and wrongful death allegations arising on the clean-up of the World Trade Center relating to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
    • A major pharmaceutical company in an internal review of its compliance program and related practices.
    • Special committees of the boards of directors of two major pharmaceutical companies charged with conducting internal investigations concerning how certain clinical trials were designed and run, and how the trial results were treated.
    • Security Capital Assurance in the successful dismissal -- on a motion to dismiss -- of securities class action claims alleging that SCA misstated, or failed to disclose, information on a registration statement and a prospectus concerning its alleged exposure to subprime- and CDO-related risks.
    • Amit Vijayvergiya, former Partner and Chief Risk Officer of hedge fund firm Fairfield Greenwich, in civil litigation and regulatory investigations relating to the Bernard L. Madoff matter.
    • A leading international life insurance company in successful settlement of securities litigation arising from its demutualization.
    • Syncora Guarantee, a monoline insurer, in its suit against Countrywide Home Loans for fraud and breach of contract arising from financial insurance related to residential mortgage-backed securities, culminating in a settlement payment of $375 million to Syncora.
    • American Airlines in litigation arising out of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, resulting in a recent trial victory establishing that World Trade Center Properties could not recover from American any of the nearly $5 billion it was seeking beyond already received insurance recoveries. Previous related wins have included dismissals of environmental litigation arising out of the attacks and multiple successful partial summary judgment and Daubert motions.
    • The former CEO and Chairman of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in connection with proceedings brought by the Nigerian government related to the antibiotic Trovan.
    • A senior pharmaceutical executive in an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston of alleged off-label promotion of a prescription medication.
    • Several corporate defendants in the asbestos litigation.
    • A number of private equity firms in analyzing the litigation and FCPA risks associated with potential acquisitions and investments.
    • A private equity firm in shareholder litigation relating to a going private transaction.


  • New York University School of Law, 1987, J.D.
  • Sarah Lawrence College, 1983, B.A.