Debevoise Launches Website Devoted to the Interests of Women in Law and Business

29 March 2016

Debevoise & Plimpton LLP today announced the launch of the Debevoise Women’s Review, a website dedicated to spotlighting topics of interest to professional women, including the achievements, initiatives and advocacy efforts of women and organizations around the world, through Q&A features with leading women in business; thoughtful coverage of conferences and pertinent books and articles; and reflective pieces tying in the personal experiences of Debevoise women.

Led by partners Peggy Davenport, Chair of the firm’s Women’s Task Force and Co-Chair of the Corporate Department; and My Chi To, Co-Head of the Women’s Resource Group; as well as Editorial Board Co-Chairs Anne Balla and Erica Weisgerber, the Debevoise Women’s Review has engaged more than 60 women associates, counsel and partners across the firm’s offices, who have brought diverse perspectives to content tailored for consumption by women across the spheres of law and business. The founding Editorial Board also includes Fallon Szczur and Kate Zvonkovic.

“The Debevoise Women’s Review will be enormously beneficial to our community of women lawyers, and it is a project of which we are immensely proud,” said Debevoise Presiding Partner Michael W. Blair. “Debevoise has long been committed to the retention, promotion and overall success of our women lawyers, and we are eager to spark additional discussion and engagement on these issues among the wider legal and business communities.”

The Debevoise Women’s Review follows in the footsteps and furthers the missions of both the Debevoise Women’s Task Force and the Debevoise Women’s Resource Group. The former, comprised of Debevoise’s senior management and a diverse group of male and female partners, is responsible for reviewing, assessing and enhancing policies and initiatives relating to the development, retention and promotion of women lawyers. The latter has served as the firm’s long-standing affinity group devoted to women, organizing networking events and skill-building programs to further the professional development of lawyers at all levels.

“We developed the Debevoise Women’s Review as a way to harness the energy around our own discussions and – we hope – to take them further,” said Ms. To. “The enthusiasm for this initiative has been contagious at Debevoise, and we are confident its reach and influence will be much further-reaching.”

Ms. Balla said: “This platform has provided associates a new opportunity to engage in dialogue around topics of great relevance to us as female professionals, and it is a testament to Debevoise’s commitment to its women lawyers that the project immediately gained interest and traction. The support we have received from professional women at the firm and elsewhere has been remarkably rewarding.”

To view the Debevoise Women’s Review, please visit If you have an interest in contributing to the site, please contact