About Us

Debevoise is committed to conservation of resources and environmental sustainability. Along with many of our clients, we have achieved substantial reductions in waste, energy use and indirect carbon emissions and make further reductions a priority.

Our ongoing efforts include:

  • Replacing all plastic water bottles in the firm’s New York and London conference rooms with reusable glass bottles, which has saved well over 250,000 plastic bottles since the system was installed in 2009;
  • Partnering with the firm’s food services provider, Flik, which promotes locally-sourced foods, composts food waste, has replaced disposable plastic utensils with biodegradable corn-resin products, and donates used cooking oil to Tri-State Biodiesel, from which more than 1,000 gallons of carbon-neutral biodiesel fuel are produced each year;
  • Donating discarded computers, once wiped clean of all data, to Per Scholas, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing technology education and career-training to low-income individuals;
  • Saving electricity by automatically turning off lights after hours and over the weekend;
  • Separating and recycling more than 300 tons of waste paper in our New York office each year, as well as operating special recycling programs for batteries and florescent lights;
  • Conducting annual collection drives for used cell phones, clothes and eyeglasses, which are donated to charities for reuse by those in need;
  • Serving as the first law-firm corporate partner in Capital Bikeshare in our Washington, D.C. office;
  • In our London office, assessing the sustainability credentials of any potential service provider and imposing minimum requirements based upon globally recognized standards is our policy. The London office recycles plastic bottles and cans, printer cartridges and toners, and all paper and paper products. During the 2013 relocation of the London office over 33,000 pounds of paper and 96% of all waste was recycled;
  • Locating our Paris office in a certified High Quality Environmental building, dedicated to the principles of sustainable development;
  • Eliminating in our Frankfurt office all disposable cutlery, plates and glasses, in addition to participating in many of the firm’s other initiatives, including donating used computers and monitors to schools, separating and recycling paper and batteries and reducing electricity use.

Pro Bono Commitment

Among its many pro bono initiatives, Debevoise has a long-running and close relationship advising Scenic Hudson, a group dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River and its riverfront as an irreplaceable national treasure for America and a vital resource for residents and visitors. It is the largest environmental group focused on the Hudson River Valley.

Elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area, Debevoise provides advisory services to Campaign for the Meadowlands, an organization seeking to bring focus to the ecological importance and unexpected beauty of northern New Jersey’s wetlands. Debevoise has also assisted in the development of FDR Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island.

Debevoise also advises Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty to empower individuals in developed countries to simultaneously tackle climate change and extreme poverty globally.

Attorneys from Debevoise’s New York and London offices also collaborated to provide assistance to the International Bar Association in the drafting of the 2014 Report on Climate Change Justice and Human Rights. The report canvasses existing international, regional and domestic law regarding climate change and proposes recommendations for states, international organizations, domestic legislative, executive and judicial bodies, corporations, communities and individuals to advance climate justice.

These partnerships reflect Debevoise’s commitment to protecting and preserving the environment both in New York and worldwide.