Our Lawyer Stories

"As a junior associate at Debevoise, you’re exposed to every aspect of a deal and you get truly substantive assignments. That level of involvement has been very positive for my own development. By talking to clients, you learn how to work through their questions – that’s a huge part of what being an attorney is all about. I feel lucky that I’ve been able to do that so early in my career. Clients come to Debevoise with complex, novel issues, and rely on us to craft the best solution for their business and bring our innovative thinking to every question. I like being a part of that, and working alongside partners who are eager to teach associates. I’m constantly learning. There’s also a real desire here to make sure that diversity and inclusion are an inherent part of the work environment, and to ensure that diverse associates feel supported as individuals. It’s just part of who we are as a firm. This includes a focus on retention and ensuring that diverse associates see a career path for themselves at Debevoise."