When the UK Became a Tax Haven (Except for Fund Managers): The Latest Updates

20 November 2015
Organizer: Debevoise & Plimpton
Location: Webinar

The tax consequences for the sponsor team of receiving allocations and distributions in either the U.S. or UK have been fairly well understood in the more recent past. Although there have been mutterings about change in certain quarters of the U.S., nothing has materialised and the UK seemed fairly content with things as they stood. Consequently, certain planning techniques have flourished into common practice under the benign approach of each tax authority. The status quo has been seriously unsettled in the past year by the UK’s introducing a series of new rules targeting the fund sphere and which have potentially wide reaching effect for any fund operating with a UK nexus.

In this webinar, our London based tax team talk through these changes in more detail and lead a discussion about the impact that the rules will have on you.

Access webinar here.