The Private Equity Report

Spring 2004
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  • Business Development Companies and the New Public Market in Mezzanine Funds
  • Alert: Pending Legislation Could Increase Administrative Costs for Private Funds
  • The "Inspire Art" Judgment of the ECJ: New Ways to Structure Acquisitions in the European Union
  • VCOC Traps for the Unwary: Will Your Deal Be VCOC Compliant?
  • Alert: Proposed HSR Rules May Mean Filings for Partnerships and Other Non-Corporate Entities
  • Lost in Translation - Despute Resolution Considerations in Cross-Border Deals
  • Guest Column: Bonds - No Longer a Safe Haven?
  • Tyranny of the Minority
  • Alert: Update on European Merger Control
  • To Standardize or Not to Standardize: Recent Developments in the Private Equity Valuation Debate
  • Alert: Update on Exiting by IDS