The Private Equity Report

Fall 2009
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  • The End of Pay to Play? The Proposed SEC Rule Banning Certain Political Contributions
  • To Change or Not to Change: Should Sponsors Modify Management Equity Due to the Economic Downturn?
  • GUEST COLUMN State of the Private Equity Secondary Market
  • “Blind Pools” — Another Vision of Investing in Failed Banks
  • Mind the (Funding) Gap: Trouble Ahead for Multiemployer Plans
  • Dealing With Mr. Big: Recent Developments in Transactions Involving Controlling Shareholders
  • UPDATE How Green Is Your Portfolio?
  • Caution Ahead: Rules of the Road for Buying Assets from Distressed Companies
  • ALERT What Really Changed? — The Market Impact of the 2008 Changes to Rule 144
  • ALERT Developments in EU Antitrust Laws — Private Equity Funds May Be Liable for Violations of Portfolio Companies