The Private Equity Report

Spring 2010
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  • Allocating Financing Risk: Recent Trends in Sponsor-Led Public Company LBOs
  • From Long Shot to Likely in Six Months: Coming to Grips with the Volcker Rule and Its Private Equity/Hedge
    Fund Implications 
  • GUEST COLUMN The Word from Brussels: Confusion or Good Policy? 
  • UPDATE EU Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers: Are the Trialogues Almost Over? 
  • Coming to Brazil: The World Cup, the Olympics and More Private Equity 
  • ALERT Is the UK Takeover Panel Planning Major Takeover Reform? 
  • Not California Dreamin’: The Golden State’s Proposed Placement Agent Rules 
  • Private Equity Is Going Bespoke 
  • Disclose or Else: The New FATCA Tax