Grounds and Procedure for Seizure of Land Plots Defined

7 August 2013
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This client update briefly analyzes the provisions of the Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated June 7, 2013 on Amendments to the Land Code of the Russian Federation and Article 3 of the Federal Law on Entry into Force of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, which takes effect from September 6, 2013. This law defines certain grounds and procedures for the seizure of land plots that are not being used for their proper purpose. In particular:

  • the list of grounds for seizure of land plots has been systemized and clarified; and
  • court procedure for seizure of a land plot has been further clarified, and an administrative procedure for seizure of a land plot has been introduced.

These amendments are of great practical significance for the industry (particularly for developers with land plots intended for farming, or residential or other building, who have not been using such land plots for three years (or other period laid down by the law)) because it systemizes and clarifies the regulatory framework in respect of the seizure of land plots.