Sanctions Alert Issue 19

14 May 2014
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  • EU Expands Russia Sanctions Regime
  • Canada Amends and Expands Sanctions on Russia
  • Canada Amends and Expands Sanctions on Ukraine
  • UK Freezes Approximately $23 Million of Ukraine-Connected Assets
  • US Issues Ukraine-Related Sanctions Regulations, Authorises Certain Legal Services to Blocked Persons
  • Putin Signs New Law on Payment Systems


  • House of Commons Considers the Cost Effectiveness of Sanctions


  • OFAC Reissues Syrian Sanctions Regulations and Blocks Property of Syrian and Russian Individuals, Syrian Companies and Russian Bank
  • US Authorises New Sanctions in Response to Conflict in the Central African Republic; Designates 5 Individuals
  • US Designates Individuals and Companies as Narcotics Traffickers
  • US Targets Two Individuals Under Recent South Sudan Sanctions
  • US Insurer Settles with OFAC Under Cuban Assets Control Regulations
  • US-Incorporated Spanish-Language Travel Website Settles Allegations of Providing Cuba Travel Services
  • Individual Settles Alleged Violations of Iranian Sanctions
  • US Firm and Individuals Indicted for Shipping Machinery to Iran


  • UN and EU Remove Individuals from Al-Qaida Sanctions List
  • UN Lifts Ivory Coast Diamonds Ban and Eases Arms Embargo