Sanctions Alert Issue 23

15 July 2014
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  • EU Adds 11 Individuals to Ukraine Sanctions List
  • Canada Adds 14 Individuals to Ukraine Sanctions List
  • EU Prohibits Import of Goods from Crimea and Sevastopol


  • EU Eases Arms Embargo Against Ivory Coast and Lifts Ban on Import of Rough Diamonds
  • EU Amends Sudanese Sanctions Regime and Imposes Sanctions on Two South Sudanese Military Leaders
  • EU General Court Annuls Five Sanctions Listings for Lack of Evidence
    • Iranian University
    • Iranian Tanker Company
    • Iranian Bank and Businessman
    • Former Syrian Minister
  • EU Updates Al-Qaida Sanctions List
  • EU Amends Belarusian Sanctions List


  • BNP Paribas Enters Guilty Plea, Pays Nearly $9 Billion to Settle Criminal and Civil Liability for Sanctions Violations
  • Commerzbank Reportedly Negotiating Possible Settlement of Alleged Sanctions Violations
  • US Targets Alleged Hezbollah Front Company
  • US Designates Companies Under Syria Sanctions Regulations
  • US Expands Scope of DRC-Related Sanctions, Imposes Sanctions on Allied Democratic Forces
  • US Treasury Issues Regulations Implementing Central African Republic and South Sudan-Related Sanctions, Updates Zimbabwe and Burma Regulations
  • Red Bull Settles Potential Civil Liability for Filming Documentary in Cuba
  • US Exporter Settles Potential Civil Liability for Shipping Networking Equipment to Sudan and Iran
  • US Makes New Designations Targeting Multiple Transnational Criminal Organisations
  • US Makes New Narcotics and Terrorism Designations
  • OFAC Releases Reports on TSRA Licences, Blocked Terrorist Assets


  • UN Updates Al-Qaida Sanctions List


  • Japan Lifts Certain Sanctions Against North Korea