Sanctions Alert Issue 30

11 November 2014
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Russia News
  • Russian Targets Challenge EU Sanctions
  • Non-EU States Align Themselves with EU Sanctions in Respect of Ukraine
  • EU Foreign Ministers to Meet to Discuss Russia
UK News
  • Lloyd’s of London Publishes Guidance on the Use of Sanctions Clauses in Insurance Contracts
  • HM Treasury De-Lists Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Moazzam Begg
  • UK’s Sudanese and South Sudanese Sanctions Expanded to its Overseas Territories
  • High Court Gives Bank Mellat Rights to Disclosure
EU News
  • EU and UN De-List Al-Haramain Foundation
  • EU Extends Belarus Sanctions and De-Lists 24 Individuals and 7 Entities
  • EU Relists Iranian Persons Following Annulments by the General Court of the European Union
  • Tamil Tigers’ Designation Annulled on Procedural Grounds
  • Non-EU States Align Themselves with EU Sanctions on Moldova and EU Extends Sanctions
  • EU Adds 16 Individuals and 2 Entities to Restrictive Measures in Respect of Syria
  • General Court of the EU Upholds Restrictive Measures Imposed Against the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria
  • EU Adds 2 Individuals to Restrictive Measures in Respect of Somalia
  • EU Renews Guinea Sanctions
  • EU Revokes Sanctions against the late Slobodan Milosevic and his Associates
  • EU and UK De-List One Individual in Respect of Terrorism Sanctions
  • Suspension of EU Aid to Zimbabwe Government Ends, But Targeted Sanctions Continue
US News
  • Texas Oil Services Company Settles Potential Civil Liability for Exports Intended for Iran
  • US Affiliates of UK Healthcare Company Settles Potential Civil Liability for Providing Health Insurance to SDNs
  • Standard Chartered Reportedly Reinvestigated for Sanctions Violations
  • Chicago Resident Convicted of Lobbying on Behalf of Zimbabwe to Lift US Sanctions
  • US Adds Myanmar Government Official to SDN List
  • US Blocks 2 Individuals as Terrorists
  • US Designates 13 Individuals in Respect of Syria Sanctions
  • OFAC Clarifies Restrictions on Payment for Overflights or Emergency Landings to the Government of Iran
  • OFAC Issues Guidance on Humanitarian Assistance by Non-Profit NGOs
  • OFAC Releases TSRA Report on Licensing Activities for October-December 2013
UN News
  • US, UN Security Council Committee Impose Sanctions Against Prominent Yemenis
  • UN Working Group Makes Initial Report as Part of the High Level Review of UN Sanctions
Other News
  • Australia Lifts Fiji Sanctions
  • Canada Introduces South Sudan Sanctions