Sanctions Alert Issue 32

16 December 2014
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Russia News
  • Rosneft Fails in Application for Injunction Against UK Criminal Penalties Regarding Breaches of EU Export Restrictions
  • EU Amends and Extends Russia Sanctions
Iran News
  • EU Extends Iran Sanctions Suspensions
EU News
  • General Court Annuls Historic Belarus Listings
  • EU Amends Central African Republic Sanctions
  • EU Extends DRC Sanctions
  • EU Extends Al Qaida Sanctions
US News
  • US Authorities Extend Standard Chartered’s Settlement Obligations Amid New Investigations of Possible Sanctions Violations
  • OFAC Releases Report on TSRA Licensing Activities for January-March 2014
  • OFAC Unblocks and Delists Saudi Businessman Yasin al-Qadi from Counterterrorism Sanctions
UK News
  • HM Treasury Renews Designation of Two Entities
  • HM Treasury Designates an Individual Under Terrorist Asset Freezing etc. Act 2010