Sanctions Alert Issue 33

14 January 2015
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Russia News
  • EU, US Extend Crimea, Sevastopol Sanctions
  • US Designates 24 Additional Individuals and Entities for Separatist Activities in Ukraine
  • US Sanctions Four Russian Officials under Magnitsky Act
  • US Congress Authorises Expanded Sanctions on Russia
  • European Commission and OFAC Publish Guidance Regarding Respective Russia Sanctions
  • Canada Extends Sanctions in Respect of Ukraine
EU News
  • Yemen: EU Implements Restrictive Measures Regime
  • Syria: EU Extends Restrictive Measures to Restrict Supply of Jet Fuel and Additives
  • EU Designation of Hamas Annulled
  • EU announces intention to renew Tunisia restrictive measures
US News
  • US to Ease Sanctions on Cuba
  • US Imposes New Sanctions on Government and Governing Party of North Korea
  • US Targets Businesses Providing Iran with US Currency and Supporting Human Rights Abuses, Designates Additional IRISL-Controlled Vessels
  • US Expands Narcotics Sanctions Against Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel
  • US Announces New Counterterrorism Designations
  • US Sanctions Fuel Suppliers Based in the UAE, Netherlands and Switzerland for Aiding Syrian Government
  • US Congress Authorises Sanctions on Venezuelan Human Rights Offenders
  • UK Extradites Chinese National to US on Charges of Exporting Nuclear-Related Goods to Iran
  • US Machinery Company and CEO Sentenced for Iran Exports
  • OFAC Adopts New UN Data Format for SDN List
UN News
  • UN Removes Two Individuals from Al-Qaida Sanctions List
  • UN Removes One Individual from Somalia and Eritrea Sanctions List
  • UN Removes One Individual from Central African Republic Sanctions List