Brexit for Re/Insurers: One Month On

1 August 2016
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Key takeaways

  • One month on from the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum, we reflect on the current knowns and unknowns and take stock of the likely medium- to long-term impacts on the insurance industry.
  • We set out the key planning and practical steps that re/insurance companies could be taking now, including in respect of capital requirements, investment strategy and the transferability of contracts for restructuring purposes.
  • Market participants value certainty and may need to make decisions before the full effects of Brexit become clear.
  • We outline some of the immediate effects the referendum result has had on re/insurers, including as a result of fluctuating currencies, market volatility and continuing low interest rates.
  • The loss of passporting and regulatory divergence could be among the long-term changes insurance companies will have to respond to.