Brexit—The Future UK-EU relationship

24 January 2017
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Key takeaways

  • Last week, Prime Minister May delivered a landmark speech outlining the UK government’s approach to exiting the EU, including indications that there would be a full exit from the EU’s single market and withdrawal from most aspects of the Customs Union.
  • Since the UK voted to leave the EU, uncertainty has reigned as to what shape that exit will take. Debates as to the merits of the potential way forward have been fierce.
  • Based on the indications in the Prime Minster’s speech, deeper conclusions can now be drawn on the legal impact of Brexit in a variety of areas.
  • This update is an in-depth exploration on what we now know (and what we are still to find out) in areas such as financial services, competition law, tax, dispute resolution, white collar-crime, regulatory enforcement and economic sanctions.