The EPPO’s Structure and Powers—1 European Head, 22 National Swords

21 November 2019
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For more information regarding the EPPO, please visit our European Public Prosecutor’s Office – EPPO page.

Key takeaways:

  • The European Public Prosecutor’s Office will investigate and prosecute offences such as fraud and corruption where they affect the EU’s financial interests. In this second of a series of updates, we focus on the EPPO’s structure and powers.
  • At the central level, the European Chief Prosecutor and 22 European Prosecutors will supervise the investigations and prosecutions conducted by European Delegated Prosecutors at the national level and ensure coordination in cross-border cases.
  • The European Delegated Prosecutors will investigate and prosecute cases in their respective Member States, using the same powers available to national prosecutors in their home countries, complemented by certain specific investigative powers to be available to all European Delegated Prosecutors.