• An international mining company in a potential dispute against a Latin American state under the terms of a Free Trade Agreement, worth over $900 million. The dispute arises out of litigations before local courts regarding royalty payments.
    • A North American investment company in a dispute against the Republic of Peru under the terms of a Free Trade Agreement, worth over $590 million.
    • Perenco Ecuador, prevailing on novel jurisdictional and merits issues in an ICSID arbitration arising out of the Republic of Ecuador’s unilateral increase of its participation to 99% of all revenues from oil sales above a fixed “reference price” and its declaration that Perenco’s contracts had come to an end. Perenco is now entitled to approximately US$435 million, net of cost recovery and other factors, which is the largest compensation amount that any investment tribunal has awarded against Ecuador for its imposition of Law 42.
    • An engineering and commissioning contractor in an AUS$2 billion ICC Singapore arbitration concerning the disputed termination of an EPC subcontract to build a captive Combined Cycle power station on an LNG facility.
    • The Republic of Iraq in defending claims brought by Agility Warehousing Company relating to a telecommunications investment, substantially prevailing on dispositive jurisdictional objections and recovering almost 90% of claimed costs.
    • The Republic of Iraq in defending ICSID claims under the OIC Agreement arising out of the telecommunications sector.


  • Harvard Law School, 2014, Master of Laws
  • Universidad de Los Andes, 2008, Law Degree