Laura Sinisterra

New York
Tel: +1 212 909 6339
Laura Sinisterra is a partner in the firm’s International Dispute Resolution Group in New York. Her practice focuses on international arbitration ... Read Full Biography


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  • Times of Political Turmoil: Is Your Investment Protected?
    7 November 2023
    CGS Colombia 2023
    Regulatory & Social Environment
    Medellin, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements
  • Inversionistas Extranjeros en Ecuador: Estrategias y Consejos Prácticos Para Proteger Su Inversión
    25 October 2023
    Pérez Bustamante & Ponce
    Speaking Engagements
  • Investor-State Arbitrations in LatAm
    20 October 2023
    Universidad de Los Andes and Local Firms
    Second M&A Congress
    Bogota, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements
  • The ICSID Report - Recent developments at ICSID and updates on Investment Arbitration
    19 October 2023
    International Centre for Dispute Resolution
    The 6th ICDR & CCB International Arbitration & Mediation Conference
    Bogota, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements
  • The Impact of Local Communities in Investor State Arbitration
    19 September 2023
    Colombia Arbitration Week
    Bogota, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements
  • Hot Topics And Recent Trends In International Arbitration
    6 September 2023
    Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA)
    ITA Global Forum
    Speaking Engagements
  • Times of Political Turmoil: Are You Prepared for Potential Disputes?
    12 - 13 June 2023
    Ecuador Gold Symposium
    Quito, Ecuador
    Speaking Engagements
  • Commercial Arbitration vs. Investor-State Arbitration: Is Commercial Arbitration a Suitable Option for Investors in LatAm?
    7-8 June 2023
    AMCHAM Ecuador, Ecuadorian Arbitration Institute
    XIV International Arbitration Conference
    Quito, Ecuador
    Speaking Engagements
  • International Investment Arbitration
    16 March 2023
    Debevoise & Plimpton LLP and Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados
    Speaking Engagements
  • Debate Sobre Sanciones Económicas: Un Fenómeno De Alto Impacto
    13 March 2023
    Latin America Group
    2023 Argentine Arbitration Day
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Speaking Engagements
  • Future of Dispute Settlement: Comparison Between International Trade & Investment Regimes
    2-3 March 2023
    Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association
    9th Harvard International Arbitration Conference International Arbitration: Fostering & Adapting to Change
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Speaking Engagements
  • Vientos de Cambio: Protección a la Inversión Extranjera en Colombia
    10 November 2022
    Debevoise & Plimpton LLP co-hosted with Brigard Urrutia
    Vientos de Cambio: Protección a la Inversión Extranjera en Colombia
    Hybrid (in-person & live streaming)
    Speaking Engagements
  • Tiempos de Confusión: Está Preparado Para Posibles Disputas?
    8 November 2022
    Colombia Gold Symposium
    CGS Medellín Mining Conference 2022
    Medellín, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements
  • Investor State Arbitration: Where Is It Headed?
    15 July 2021
    Latin American Arbitration Association
    Speaking Engagements
  • ICC and the Future: Hot Topics for Young Professionals
    31 March 2021
    Global ICC YAF
    ICC YAF: What are the Hot Topics Today and Tomorrow for Young Professionals?
    Speaking Engagements
  • Air Series for International Women’s Day
    8 March 2021
    LatAm Women Way in Arbitration
    Speaking Engagements
  • THE CLASH: Contract Terms v. Applicable Law
    17 November 2020
    New York International Arbitration Center and CIArb
    New York Arbitration Week
    Speaking Engagements
  • The Use of Evidence in International Arbitration
    9-10 October 2019
    Harvard International Arbitration Law Students Association
    Harvard International Arbitration Workshop
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Speaking Engagements
  • Change of Circumstances – A Historical Perspective
    19-21 June 2019
    Young ITA Roundtable
    31st Annual ITA Workshop
    Dallas, Texas
    Speaking Engagements
  • Arbitrating with a Sovereign: Legal and Practical Implications
    5 November 2018
    NYU Law School
    NYU IAA Conference
    New York, New York
    Speaking Engagements
  • Human Rights and Environmental Disputes in International Arbitration
    20-22 June 2018
    The Center for American and International Law
    30th Annual ITA Workshop
    Dallas, Texas
    Speaking Engagements
  • HIALSA Panel
    21 February 2018
    Harvard Law School
    Harvard's Women in Arbitration and Gender Issues
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Speaking Engagements
  • Investment Dispute Settlement in the Americas – Hot Topics and Recent Developments
    24 October 2017
    American Bar Association
    2017 Fall Meeting of the ABA Section of International Law
    Miami, Flordia
    Speaking Engagements
  • Conflict of Interest and Other Ethical Issues in International Arbitration
    21 September 2017
    ICC Young Arbitrators Forum
    ICC YAF Mexico
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Speaking Engagements
  • Arbitration and the Judicial System: Challenges and Opportunities
    1-2 June 2017
    Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Economia y Politica (CEDEP)
    IX Latin American Arbitration Conference in La Paz
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Speaking Engagements
  • The Request for Arbitration and its Answer
    24 May 2017
    International Chamber of Commerce (ICC )
    3rd International Forum on ICC Arbitration in Santo Domingo
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Speaking Engagements
  • The Future of International Arbitration: Rising to the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow
    31 March 2017
    Harvard International Arbitration Law Student Association
    Harvard Law School International Arbitration Conference
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Speaking Engagements
  • Mock Scenario: Challenges Facing Corruption
    8 March 2017
    ICC Young Arbitrators Forum
    ICC Conference in Bogotá: Construction Dispute Resolution
    Bogotá, Colombia
    Speaking Engagements