Sanctions Alert Issue 35

11 March 2015
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Russia News
  • Switzerland’s Federal Council Extends Ukraine Sanctions Measures
  • UK Threatens to Block the Sale of North Sea Assets to a Russian Buyer
  • EU Adds 19 Individuals and Nine Entities to Sanctions List
  • Canada Extends Ukraine Sanctions to 26 Individuals and 15 Entities
  • UK High Court Refers Rosneft Challenge to the Court of Justice of the EU
  • US Authorises Personal Remittances, Personal Financial Services, and Telecommunications and Postal Services Involving Crimea
EU News
  • Syria: EU Imposes Sanctions on Seven Individuals and Six Entities
  • Libya: EU Extends Application of Sanctions Measures
  • Ukraine: EU Extends Sanctions Against Eighteen Individuals
  • Somalia: EU Amends and Extends Sanctions
  • Central African Republic: EU Removes One Individual from the Asset Freeze Sanctions List
  • EU Council Approves Draft Rules Permitting Use of Secret Information in Sanctions Challenges
  • Al-Qaida: One Individual Made Subject to EU, UN and US Sanctions
  • Côte d’Ivoire: EU Introduces Derogations to Export Restrictions
  • Iran: One Individual and One Entity Re-Listed
  • Syria: General Court of the EU Upholds Restrictive Measures Against Tarif Akhras
  • Syria: Annulment of Asset Freeze Against Mazen Al-Tabbaa Takes Effect
  • Zimbabwe: EU Renews Sanctions Regime
US News
  • US Imposes Sanctions on Venezuelan Government Officials
  • US Extends Zimbabwe Sanctions for an Additional Year
  • Top NY Financial Regulator Calls for Stricter Oversight of Banks’ AML Systems, Stresses Individual Accountability
  • US Applies Further Pressure to the Sinaloa Cartel
  • US Allows More Telecommunications Exports to Sudan
  • US Removes Sanctions Against Al Taqwa Bank and Youssef Nada
  • US Targets International Steroid Distribution Network
  • US Targets Nigeria-Based Hezbollah Support Network
  • US Delists Individuals and Entities from Narcotics List
UK News
  • Belarus: UK Removes One Entity from the Asset Freeze Sanctions List
  • UK Renews and Amends Final Designations in respect of ETA, Hezbollah and One Other
  • Hamas: UK Renews Final Designations Against Four Individuals
  • UN News
  • South Sudan: UN Security Council Passes Resolution to Impose Sanctions on South Sudan
  • Al-Qaida: UN Security Council Committee Adds One Individual to Sanctions List
  • DRC: UN Security Council Committee Updates Sanctions List