Sanctions Alert Issue 36

2 April 2015
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Breaking News
  • Framework Agreed for Iran Nuclear Deal
Russia News
  • EU Amends and Extends Russia Sanctions
  • US Targets Russian Bank in Crimea, Ukrainian Separatists, Additional Members of Former Yanukovich Regime
EU News
  • Syria: EU Announces Intention to Amend Reasons for Sanctions on Head of Syrian Scientific Research Centre
  • Syria: EU Court Annuls Listing of Syrian Lawyer
  • Belarus: EU Announces Intention to Amend Reasons for Sanctions on Senior Politician
  • Libya: EU to Introduce Further Sanctions
  • Al-Qaeda: EU Adds Four Individuals and One Entity to and Removes Four Individuals from Sanctions List
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: EU Extends Sanctions
  • Egypt: EU Extends Sanctions
  • EU Amends Terrorist Sanctions List
US News
  • Schlumberger Pleads Guilty, Pays $232.7 Million Fine, for Allowing US Employees to Facilitate Trade with Iran and Sudan
  • Commerzbank Pays US and NY $1.45 Billion to Settle Allegations of Wire Stripping and Other Violations
  • PayPal Pays $7.7 Million to Settle Allegations of Payment Processing for Sanctioned Parties
  • US Targets Additional Individuals Linked to Sinaloa Cartel
  • US Targets Kelmendi Drugs Network
  • US Removes Obsolete Cuba Designations
  • US Implements UN Sanctions Against Caucasus Emirate Leader
  • US Targets Assad Regime’s Financial and Weapons Infrastructure
  • US Authorises Sanctions Regime for Malicious Cyber-Attacks
UK News
  • Terrorist Financing: Independent Reviewer’s 4th report on the operation of the Terrorist Asset Freezing etc. Act 2010